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Smart Living Switzerland

Our unparalleled cloud-based service delivery platform puts operators in a strong position in Switzerland’s fast-growing smart living market

Swiss homes are becoming increasingly smarter. To succeed, operators need to tackle the top three challenges for a worry-free WiFi experience within their customers’ homes. The innovative Plume HomePass® service platform overcomes these challenges to ensure one gets the most out of one’s Internet access. 

Intelligent Technology
Constantly analyses the environment and equipment requirements in the apartment / house.
Optimum WiFi coverage
Adapts itself continuously to the user's lifestyle and ensures optimum coverage in every room.
Efficient App Manager
Easily and intuitively controlled with the 'HomePass by Plume' app, wherever you are.
Simplest installation
Connect the first Plume SuperPod to the modem, spread the rest around the house; done.
Building a Position of Strength

Plume’s insightful Network Operation Centre (NOC) and its individual customer dashboards put any service provider and support staff in the driving seat for novel, value-adding services.

In short, Plume lets you extend your reach into your customers’ homes by providing them a worry-free WiFi experience on a future-proof platform for more value-adding services. This will increase customer satisfaction, enable you to attract new customers, drive down churn and operating costs. A position of strength in a competitive market.

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