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This allowed us to grow from a pioneer for IP Access technologies into a market-leading system integrator and cloud service provider, able to think beyond delivering tomorrows innovations today.


News | 02.06.2020

Visionary pilot project

Broadband Networks supports a pilot project for the partners of Energie Zukunft Schweiz (EZS), all of whom are small an…

News | 19.05.2020

Higher network capacities and lower latencies

How distributed DOCSIS network architectures bring new, strategic advantages to Swiss providers

News | 27.03.2020

BN Services – We are there for you and your customers

We support you - during and beyond the present situation.

News | 24.03.2020

DOCSIS modems – New products & lower prices

We would like to inform you about our DOCSIS news.

News | 07.02.2020

Plume introduces new Quality of Experience metric

From simple performance to customer satisfaction - Plume®'s Quality of Experience (QoE) metric enables Internet Service…

News | 29.10.2019

Advanced Fiber to the Home technology solutions

Broadband Networks and Huwei launch Fiber to the Home technology XGS PON in Switzerland.

News | 12.09.2019

Disruptive offers for the evolution of your WiFi networks

Revolutionize the WiFi network in your customers' homes with our disruptive decoupling decks while saving up to 25 perc…

News | 05.07.2019

Swiss pioneer choses Calix's SDN solution

WWZ Zug replaces the 15 PoPs in its catchment area with XGS-PONs from the Calix AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System.

News | 06.06.2019

Innovative cloud solution for strategic competitive advantages in the telecommunications and energy markets

Broadband Networks adds Calix's unique cloud based software and services platform to its technology portfolio.

News | 04.12.2018

Strategic Partnership for the Swiss energy market

Broadband Networks partners with Kiwigrid to advance the transition of the Swiss energy market towards a digital, decen…

News | 01.10.2018

A really smart home WiFi

Broadband Networks launches Plume®, a smart Wi-Fi service that uses Artificial Intelligence in the cloud to deliver opt…