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From Utility Provider to E-Service Leader

With our market-leading cloud-based technology, energy providers create and distribute new value-added services. On one single, scalable platform.

Take advantage of the smart meter rollout and our in-depth experience with digital change to differentiate your business beyond the metering topic with new services and to strengthen customer loyalty. With the unique BN SwissLink system, an open and intelligent platform for regulated and non-regulated energy services.

Scalable platform for competitive advantage

The BN SwissLink was launched in collaboration with Kiwigrid, the operator of one of the world's leading platforms for digital energy solutions, to give you a triple market advantage:

  • Scalable platform for the integration of different vertical markets
  • Integrates and supports regulated and unregulated energy services
  • Enables the rollout of a cost-effective meter infrastructure through its intelligence
Decisive advantages  

Built on years of experience in the already liberalised and stricter regulated German energy market, the BN SwissLink persuades with further decisive advantages:

  • Meets the Swiss safety and calibration requirements according to VSE/METAS requirements 
  • Reduces the risk of integration because it is open, manufacturer-independent and highly scalable ( because of the intelligence in the gateway, not in the meter)
  • Secures long-term investment protection through the large potential of additional energy services (e.g. ZEV, Smart Metering)
Regulated and unregulated services

The BN SwissLink is currently the only smart meter gateway that combines both smart meter functions and intelligent energy management as it integrates two separate software stacks into one single system. Thus, it is suitable for the Smart Meter Roll-out as well as for a number of additional, non-regulated energy services such as

  • The utilization of flexibilities (virtual power plants, load management, peak shaving, ripple control replacement, etc.)
  • Optimisation of own consumption and intelligent charging solutions (e.g. for electromobility)
  • Solutions for mergers for own consumption (ZEV), Smart Home or Disagrregation etc.

In short, the BN Swiss Link is an attractive solution for companies beyond the metering issue, offering new services, new customer segments, a clear differentiation and stronger customer loyalty.

Implement the smart meter rollout as well as new, value-adding e-services with the unique BN SwissLink. In front of and behind the meter; cost-efficient and decentralised, while at the same time protecting your previous investments.

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