Expertise, experience and market knowledge

Broadband Planning uses seasoned project managers who have a wealth of experience and expertise, coupled with excellent knowledge of the market.

Thanks to our large network and the experience we have amassed in handling similar problems in other projects, we can ensure that the solution chosen enjoys broad market support. Using our employees gives you direct access to experienced and supremely qualified specialists.

Thanks to active internal controlling, we can ensure that equally skilled staff are on hand to cover for emergencies, holidays, illness or absences for training. We can also handle peak workloads in your projects over the short term, or offer bridging cover until your organisation is in place.

Our promise:

  • Project management focused on implementation and objectives
  • Independent and neutral support
  • High technical competence and up-to-date market knowledge

Our philosophy:

  • We work together closely with our clients
  • We adopt a systematic and structured approach
  • We have a good network of contacts and are very well informed

Our strengths:

  • Proven specialists in the HFC and FTTx environments
  • Many years’ experience in managing major projects
  • Qualified, experienced staff
  • Structured, tried-and-tested method for project handling
  • Ensuring conformity with other Swiss FTTx projects
  • Optimal knowledge of structures and processes of power utility firms and cable network operators
  • Mandates implemented with a focus on results
  • Short lead-in times due to success of previous projects
  • Access to additional specialists that can be brought on board as required
  • Large network of contacts in the Swiss HFC and FTTx scene
  • Profound knowledge of the Swiss telecommunications market and its players