We make the communications networks of the future reality today

Broadband Planning supports power utility firms and cable network operators in setting up or migrating high-speed broadband networks and networking infrastructure assets.

Thanks to their infrastructure, the local power utility firms and cable network operators in Switzerland have an excellent basis from which to develop glass fiber networks through to the end-customers, known as Fiber to the Home (FTTH). However, the new challenges in the energy market are also leading them to link up their own infrastructure assets, such as substations or power plants, to communication networks.

Overall project management in close cooperation

At Broadband Planning, we take on the overall project management, drawing up the necessary technological concepts and planning the ideal network architecture. We monitor implementation, plan future projects and handle the invitations to tender. We offer active partner management for our clients, planning the future organisational set-up and working together with them to put this in place.

Working in close cooperation with clients, we carry out most of our mandates on-site. We use a structured process with standardised milestones to manage projects, thereby ensuring a systematic and consistent approach. The interfaces are defined as clearly as the high quality standards. In this regard, we gear ourselves towards international project management standards such as those of the PMI.

Mastering complexity

A rollout project spanning several years can only be carried out with the aid of numerous partners. These partners mostly act independently of each other in various sub-areas. Often there is no common understanding among the parties involved of their respective roles, and there is a lack of coordinated processes and project management. We put the necessary structures in place, and define the processes required. By implementing standardised rules and clearly allocating responsibilities, we increase efficiency and make it possible to manage and guide long-term projects effectively.

Complex projects require clear structures and methods.
Complex projects require clear structures and methods.

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